2/3/15 Ozone Treatment #2

So last Friday, my Ozone treatment involved a nutrition pack, this week I only did ozone but went from 50ml to 75ml.

I went into the office with a blood pressure of 88/56 and wonder why I feel like I do. The treatment didn’t have an immediate reaction but within an hour I was feeling very dizzy/lightheaded/unbalanced and out of it (more than normal…like out of body), head pressure, pain at base of skull where decompression was and neck stiffness. It starts to feel like nothing around me is real. I am just floating through a dream and not really anywhere. It’s hard to explain, but what I can say is this all is majorly increased since the Mepron. I have been off of it now for a week, but I traded it with the Azithromycin…which I am now taking everyday. I feel as though I still have Mepron residual along with azithro herxing and possibly some Ozone herxing. The major difference was today I didn’t have an immediate tachy, lightheaded, imbalance effect but it did come. So it’s not just the nutrition pack.


1/30/2015 1st Ozone Treatment

OK so for the last 3 days I have not taken any Mepron, only Azithromycin. Even the Zithro makes me feel in more of a twighlight/zombie zone then normal but nowhere near as bad as the Mepron…that stuff was evil. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It’s like my brain cannot handle anything that it needs to fix it!

Today I went for my first IV Ozone treatment. IV ozone basically purifies the blood by killing any pathogens it comes into contact with. Nothing can survive in the presence of pure oxygen. It helps boost the immune system and powers up the red and white blood cells by oxygenating them. It improves circulation. This doctor is local…Dr.Jenn, She in an integrative medicine specialist and feels as though between weekly Ozone therapy and Chelation Therapy, I will see improvement. Today she also gave me IV minerals and vitamins as well as oral supplements including Collodial Siver, Liposomal Vitamin C and Immune support supplements. I went into her office feeling like my normal death…in a cloud…a dream…more of a nightmare. The therapy lasted appx 2 hrs between both infusions and made me feel jittery…heart racing…more lightheaded then normal etc. Now…it’s 5 hours later and I don’t want to get too optimistic but do feel a little clearer…a little more energy…baby step but a step. I definately feel better than when I entered her office. She said I could experience an increase of energy over the weekend and already seem to feel it. I go again on Feb 3, 2015. I will doing it 2x a week for as long as Grandma will pay for it (God Bless her). Optimistic ๐Ÿ™‚

1/28/15 No Mepron or azithromycin yesterday

I was able to sleep last night and drive my daughter to school without completely feeling like I’d kill us. I ditched both drugs for 1 day. I know for certain it’s the Mepron causing the insomnia and intensifying all the neuro crap but the combo of both really pushed me too close to the edge for comfort. So I took a day off to reevaluate what I want to do. When I first started the Mepron I experienced some very scary symptoms including inability to walk without consciously thinking about it like from my knees down my legs no longer worked, increase in imbalance and dizziness, increase in brain cloud and derealization…feeling like I’m in a dream like state and not participating in the moment and everything feeling surreal, Insomnia increased, tinnitus increased, visual issues (photo sensitivity, blurriness, binocular vision, color vision..just all processing) increased, I became more depressed and irritable and at first I didn’t know if this was med side effects or a jarish-herxhiemer reaction. So I became afraid of the med but kept taking it. The longer I had it in me the more the increase in symptoms waxed and waned. It was always an elevation but to differing degrees. With this I thought more about it and researched more and realized that NONE of the symptoms were NEW symptoms, but an increase in the already pre existing symptoms. This would equal a herx so I kept at it. Then once I added the Zithromax that’s when all hell really broke loose. By the 3rd day MAJOR INCREASE in ALL symptoms physical, cognitive and psych. It didn’t happen when I first added the Zithromax, it started on Day 3 which again tells me it was a HERX…but a very bad one in terms of Mental. I therefore decided to back off a day. I really don’t know what the answer is at this point. I am now convinced I have a HORRIBLE case of Babesia and the treatment is going to be HELL. If that was all I was going to treat for now I would try to stay with it, however, I have opted to start a PICC line in February. I have done no treatment for Lyme yet as Dr.Cameron wanted to do 1 thing at a time, knowing how sensitive and fragile my body and nervous system are after 4 years of medical hell. He was going to try to knock down the Babesia first and then the Erlichia and then the Lyme. However, things have changed because my Neuro Cog and Neuro Psych symptoms have become unbearable with Mepron only intensifying them to an intolerable level. We do not know for sure at this point if it’s the Neuro Lyme or Babesia that is causing the majority of my Neuro issues but the PICC will be the best way to find out. The PICC line is an IV that is inserted in through my bicep and travels to my superior vena cava which in laymen terms dumps the med right into my heart. The medication is Rocephin which is a cephlosporin broad spectrum antibiotic, which permeates the blood brain barrier and has been shown to be most effective against Neuro Lyme Encephalopathy/ encephalitis. The way I look at it is I give the PICC line a good month to get the medicine in my system and do some work and reevaluate at that point where I am neurologically. If my head is more clear and neurocog/psych is better I can then add on Mepron at that time for the Babesia. In the interim, this Friday I am going to meet with a wellness doc about IV Ozone which is basically pure oxygen administered into your blood. This kills bacteria, viruses, parasites etc…basically cleanses your blood of all the impurities causing illness. It is expensive but should be KEY to getting all these infections I have under control. So today I will take the Zithromax alone and see where it leaves me in terms of symptoms and check in later ๐Ÿ™‚


WOW! OK so today is BAD as far as my trying to function somewhat normal goes. Since starting the Azithromycin I have noticed an increase in many symptoms…of course all the symptoms that make trying to function a living hell…the head/brain symptoms. YES for the first time I have an increase in pain….my back and stiff neck and head have all been hurting for the past couple days. Flu like achiness, low grade fever and hot flashes non stop and stabbing pains with head pains that radiate to eyes/forehead….pressure at base of skull. But I can deal with pain as much as it sucks…it’s the neuro stuff that is killing me. Waking up this morning feeling like hang over from hell to get my daughter ready for school and drive her there was a serious task and risk factor as I feel like I’m in a dream and nothing is real. My dizziness/lack if balance and coordination is unreal…drop everything…head so heavy cant hold it up….feel EXTREMELY out of it like an out of body experience. Auditory processing and visual processing horrible. Ears feel like I’m under water and cannot understand what people say to me. ย Vision is wavy like heat rising from hot pavement. ringing in head has been worse. Taking alka seltzer gold and liposomal glutathione to try to detox. Check back in later.

1/23/15 Lyme Treatment

Today I began Azithromycin. I have 250mg pills but broke one in 1/2 to start off as I do not know how I will react. With Neuro Lyme it is always better to go low and slowly build. I have been on Mepron since Dec 27th 2014. This is for Babesia. In October of 2014 I was diagnosed through Igenex testing with Lyme Disease, Babesia and HGA. This is just what has been confirmed via blood. I could very possibly have other co-infections as the testing tends to yield false negatives due to it’s insensitivity and reliance on your immune system to produce antibodies (which once Lyme goes Chronic, our immune systems tend to be suppressed and no longer function properly). I have been wanting to start a blog for a very long time now to document my almost 4 year medical ordeal, but just getting through each day and continue to take care of my daughter while being so ill has been beyond difficult. I will eventually back track to the very beginning and document all I have been through, but for now I will at least be able to document going forward with my Lyme treatment and journey. My memory has become horrible so this will help keep things straight ๐Ÿ™‚